FIDE Champions series between Indian and Russia in near future?

Chess Base India has conducted an online interaction with the Chess Olympiad team on twitter today. Few days after winning the FIDE online chess Olympiad along with Russia, the team had an interaction with Chess India and Others on twitter.

Here we concluded some interesting conversation from that.

Chess Base India: Harika Dronavalli how stressful was the entire event for you? Especially because you take pressure when it is a team event. How did you unwind after the victory?

Harika: It’s been extremely tiring and stressful one and a half months before and during the Olympiad. But it all made sense by the end of its first-place medal. Smiling face with smiling eyes I just took off from chess for a week and enjoyed the victory.

Chess India: Divya, you are now very popular, and people now call you titles like “fearless” or “CEO”. Do you like this fame?

Divya Deshmukh: The support is overwhelming and I can only hope to stay consistent at my game. It’s very empowering.

Vidit Gujrathi: Divya, What was your favorite moment from the olympiad?

Divya Deshmukh: I think winning against china with a score of 4-2 and directly qualifying to quarterfinals was my favorite moment.

Chess India: Anand, What does the FIDE Online Olympiad 2020 gold mean to you?
Viswanathan Anand: We have come close recently, but this one ended well!

Samay Raina: Praggnanandhaa, You had a terrific performance in the Olympiad, I want to know which game did you spend the most time analyzing post-tournament.

Praggnanandhaa: Compared to other games I spent more time analyzing my game with Batsuren Dambasuren (Mongolia) the game was very complex

Chess India: Recently in an interview, FIDE President Advor Kovich mentioned the Champions series between India and Russia. What are your thoughts about the same?

Viswanathan Anand: It’s a good idea, like the matches that Russia has played with China for many years or other team matches that are organized.

Chess India: Once the internet connection was lost, Vidit Gujarathi you had four days to make sure that the internet disconnection doesn’t happen. What was the action plan for you and vice-captain Srinath at that time?

Vidit Gujarathi: I wanted to do everything possible that is my control! So, I tried to get as many internets as possible! This time I wanted to make sure we are ready in every possible scenario!

Chess India: You got 95% in your 12th-grade exams, you have 2 WGM norms and your Elo has crossed 2300! And now this Online Olympiad Gold 2020! How do you manage to balance everything so well, Vantika?

Vantika: When I am playing tournaments I only work on chess and during exams just focus on studies. For 12th boards, I devoted almost 14 hours every day for a month.


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