In talks with Churchill’s striker Luka Majcen

Luka Majcen (former Slovenian Junior International) helped Churchill Brothers dominate the most of the season by scoring 11 Goals (2nd most in I-League). Here’s what he has to say about his experience of playing in India.

You have now completed a full season in India. Tell us about your experience.
• Experience was great. I have a friend that played football here in India and said that I would like it here a lot and that I would fit well with my play style. He wasn’t wrong.:)

What do you feel went wrong with the Churchills in the championship round while the team had a 5 point lead? And how hard was it to come so close to winning the title and missing the league on a head to head count?
• We had control over the league for almost the whole season but we knew that when the league divides into playoffs that it will be a different story and that points will count double. We made mistakes in two games where Gokulam didn’t make and at the end that was crucial. It is very hard but that still doesn’t mean the season was bad. That is football and even if we didn’t win the title we can walk with our heads high.

Luka majcen

What do you think about the standards of Football in India? What are the differences you see here from your home? How was the competition in general here?
• Standards of football in India are good. There is a lot of space for improvement in a tactical sense and defending. As a striker, I would say that defenders in my country are stronger and more aggressive. I usually didn’t have so much time to control the ball and turn as here. In general, I liked the competition a lot. We had to be focused every game and there was no easy game the whole season.

Can you tell us a bit about the offers you had received from the ISL before this season started? And have you received any now?
• There is not much to say. The agent was in contacts with 2, 3 clubs from ISL but in the end coaches or club already had different players in mind and I just didn’t get the chance. Normal things in football. At the moment there are no offers on the table.


How hard was it to play the whole season in a big bubble?
• I would say that it wasn’t so hard. Maybe it was also a little easier because we had good results from the first game on. Also, we didn’t have to think about the food, rides to practice, everything was taken care of. We could focus only on football and how to improve ourselves. Of course, we all missed our loved ones but that was the only way to play the league this year. In general, I liked it and didn’t have problems.

Playing for Junior National Team or playing for the Europa League Qualifiers, which one do you rate higher?
• There is always a special thing to play for National Team even if it is Junior. I played with and against lots of guys that in the end played in different big clubs all over the world. As a player on a club level, you always want to experience and see a higher level of football. I had this opportunity to play Europa League Qualifiers and even score. I don’t want to rate these two things because each one of them has a special place in my heart.

Tell us a bit about the Football culture of Slovenia.
• The football in Slovenia is getting better and better every year and also media coverage with it. Slovenian club NK Maribor even represented us in the Champions League and Europa league for few consecutive years which is not an easy thing to do. I just hope the Covid19 situation and big football pause won’t ruin all the improvement that was made over the years.

What was the favourite moment in your professional career? Will you be in India for the next season?
• There was a lot of good moments and memories till now but maybe playing against Inter Milan and the players like Javier Zanetti, Phillipe Coutinho, Walter Samuel, Diego Milito, Maicon, Jasmin Handanovic,…
I think it is too soon to say but if I get any offers I would love to continue playing football in India.


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