Know the reason why KKR let go off Sourav Ganguly

Cricket 2.0 Abstract.

Chapter Name : Selling the Prince.

A few months earlier, Kolkata appointed Venky Mysore, an Indian businessman, educated in USA. As their new chief executive. Mysore inherited the worst of the lot, KKR had come 6th, 8th, and 6th out of 8 teams, they were sole franchise to never reach the playoff stage.

When Saurav was unsold, A huge “No Dada, no KKR ; No Ganguly No KKR campaign was launched in Kolkata before the IPL season. Thousand of accompanying leaflet railed against the unjust exclusion of Ganguly and how his glorious was brought to sudden halt just because few businessmen want him out.

Mysore recalled, there were people extremely unhappy. I don’t know whether they were already KKR fans or becoming KKR fans. People in city were completely upset, which was completely understandable.

In the end rival Pune picked Ganguly, in 19 games, he made 318 runs with strike rate under 100.

Mysore clinical unsentimental was right, the fan boycott collapsed. It symbolized radical different approach to team building, evoking Pep Guardiola decision to dispense Deco and Ronaldinho as soon he took over Barca.

Releasing him was a tough decision, but it was a context of a broader strategy, we had to bite the bullet, we said lets go out and build a brand new team – a new captain -a new team. It was shift in focus about thinking names to thinking about the skills.

Mysore fundamental approach deviated from orthodoxy in the IPL. He refrained targeting player to be Captain avoiding risk of overpaying.

KKR developed distinctive style on field, when their home pitch at Eden Garden generally favouring spin, and producing relatively low scoring games, Kolkata developed a template for how to win games beyond any individuals players, it is safe to say we have always been a strong bowling unit since i have been involved from 2011 ownwards.

The Fanboycott collapsed, Kolkata did not have Ganguly, but for first time, they had the team who won more games than they lost. Ultimately fans wanted to see more victorious than they wanted to see Ganguly.


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