PIFA with a dream of 10 million women’s in Indian football

FIFA has launched its first-ever global strategy for women’s football in an effort to increase grassroots participation and enhance the commercial value of the women’s game.

A major goal of the strategy is to double the number of women and girls playings football by 2026, bringing the total number to 60 million.

In India, the Hafele Indian women’s football development webinar culminated in the launch of the Indian Women’s Football Alliance. With a target to get 100,000 members by the end of the year who will work towards their dream mission 10 Million women in Indian football by 2026.

Häfele and PIFA Foundation for the benefit of Sports started their second season of Webinar on Indian Women’s Football from 27 to 30 May 2020.

Sports Psychology, Sports Business and Sports Education would be the topics which would be covered in this Webinar.

FIFA Few panelist who would be joining the webinar

Victoria Jepson, coach of Liverpool FC Women’s

Kunashni Parikh, Sports and Counselling Psychologist

Amruta Karkhanis, Sports Psychologist and former CEO of Proactive Sports Academy

Sukhvinder Singh Director of Singh Sports and former CEO of FC Goa and Vedanta Football Project

Gaurav Modwel, Chairman India On Track – Corporate and former President FC Pune City

Henry Menezes CEO of Western Indian Football Association

Neel Shah Director of Global Institute of Sports Business and former CEO of DSK Shivajians


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