BCCI announces Women’s Premier League: 5 teams to participate in the inagural edition

January 25th, 2023 is what seems to be one of the historical days for women’s cricket as the BCCI announced the Women’s, Premier League. Five teams to participate in the inaugural edition include Mumbai Indians, the most successful IPL franchise.

Final team biddings for the 5 teams were conducted by BCCI today and the following five groups have won the bid:

◆ Adani Group (1289 cr) – Team Ahmedabad
◆ Mumbai Indians (912 cr) – Team Mumbai
◆ Royal Challengers Bangalore (901 cr) – Team Bangalore
◆ Delhi Capitals (810 cr) – Team Delhi
◆ Capri Global (757 cr) – Team Lucknow

Existing Men’s IPL team franchises from Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Delhi have won the bid for the women’s teams as well.



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